Selling your home yourself may appeal to you as a way to avoid paying realtor fees. However, selling a house is more complex than you think, and you could be overlooking a lot of important details.

So, before you think about tackling the market head on and selling your home yourself, think about the following risks you are taking by not using a realtor.


Not Being Up To Date On Local Real Estate Market Trends

A Niagara realtor will help you understand the Niagara real estate market. This allows them to ensure that you are pricing your home accordingly. If you don’t work in the industry, keeping up with the changing trends and forecasts can be incredibly hard. This makes it extremely difficult to know if you’re over or underpricing your home.


Lacking Negotiation Skills

When you sell your own house, you are responsible for your own negotiations. If you don’t have much experience, you could end up significantly impacting the price you get for your home. A realtor is a professional who negotiates on a regular basis and has significant experience getting the best value for their clients’ homes.


Missing Out on Potential Buyers

Many potential buyers are currently working with a buyer agent. They are relying on that agent to find them their new home instead of searching on their own. One of the first places your buyer agent looks is on MLS. When you don’t use a realtor, you aren’t able to list your home on MLS or any of the other major real estate networks. Therefore, it won’t get any of the vast exposure it will with a professional. The MLS system exposes your listing to thousands of buyers, as well as realtors that are working with buyers. Most people, both buyers and agents, look to MLS first when searching for properties for sale, so this is important.


Covering all Legalities

When you sell with a realtor, that realtor is going to help you draft and submit your offer. They are there to make sure that your offer follows every legal guideline, and that you are protected by a contract that covers everything. Doing this yourself means there is a very strong risk that you will overlook something that could impact you negatively in the future.


Dedicating Enough Time

Selling a home means answering phone calls any time of day, morning to night, from people interested in viewing your home. Sometimes people want to come to view your home with little notice, and you have to be prepared to be home to allow it. If you have a full-time job, it can be hard to work around that. A realtor is always prepared to show your home at a time that works for the potential buyer. They take care of all of that so your daily life isn’t interrupted.


The best thing you can do is find a real estate agent in Niagara who will work hard for their commission. In the world of real estate, you get what you pay for, and a good realtor will make sure that you get all of the resources you need to sell your home, from marketing and exposure to open houses and value pricing.