Every year in January the most common question we get is whether to list the house in the dead of winter or wait until the spring so that our clients can show off their manicured lawns, pools and outdoor patios.


And who wants to drive around in the middle of winter looking at houses!


It’s all about the competition!

After Christmas, when everyone has paid off their credit card bills and New Year’s resolutions are in full swing, the demand for housing starts ramping up two to three weeks into January.  Unfortunately for buyers at this time, most sellers are waiting for the spring to put their homes for sale.  This creates an awesome opportunity for sellers because demand is outstripping supply. We also find the buyers during the winter months are not tire kickers, they are serious about buying a house!


What about the rest of the year?

To extrapolate further, if your market varies quite a bit in terms of neighbourhoods, prices and demand, again you always want to be looking at the competition when you’re putting your house up for sale.  If your home is the same or similar to 20 other homes that are currently listed, the chance of your home selling will be diminished AND you’ll need to be priced competitively in order to ensure your home gets sold, not the best scenario.  The ideal time to list is when the demand is decent or great and the supply of homes comparable to yours is less.

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