Were you considering putting you home up for sale before Co-Vid19? Has being at home during self-isolation made you realize it may be time to downsize or find a bigger space? We have put together a list of ways you can get your home ready for the market while social distancing!

Freshen Up the Walls

A new coat of paint goes a long way in selling a home! It is amazing how renewed and restored a room can look with a fresh neutral coat of paint! While your walls may not be the first thing you think of for a home project, a few updates can make such a big difference!

Utilize your local hardware’s store curb side pickup options. Review paint colours online and call ahead to order your supplies. Don’t forget a drop sheet! You wouldn’t want to damage your floors in the process.

Since you will be taking wall hangings down, use the opportunity to swap out your personalized photographs and frames for more generic prints. Personalized items make a house a home, but while on the market removing these items makes it easier for a potential buyer to visualize themselves in the home!

Evaluate your lighting

Lighting is such an important element of a home. Are you taking advantage of your homes natural light? Have your lightbulbs been updated to LED’s? A swap of a lightbulb can take a room from dark and unwelcoming to cozy and warm in just a few minutes.

Start by replacing your light bulbs. While you are focusing on your light fixtures, clean the lamps and lampshades. A wipe of the inside of all fixtures and a quick scrub to your lampshades will have your home the brightest it has ever been.

Utilizing the natural light from your windows is such a simple way to turn a room from night to day. Move large items out from in front of the windows, use Windex for an easy clean and make sure to wash your curtains and blinds.

Organize your space

What a perfect time to organize a room. Many home storage solutions can still be purchased online or at a curb side pickup. Keeping spaces free of clutter helps them to appear larger and more inviting. Use this time to put away a few knick knacks, tidy up your entry way and clean out your closets. While these tasks may seem daunting you will feel so renewed once they are completed. Remember that now is not the time to be dropping off donations and keep any donatable items to the side until it is safe to bring them to an organization such as goodwill or the salvation army.

Tidy Up Your Yard

Curb appeal means a great deal! The state of your yard and gardens sets the tone for your home. Having garden beds free of weeds and debris, a well-maintained lawn and a clean swept porch is inviting for any who may view your homes listing photos or book a showing. Scrubbing your outdoor furniture will give you a sense of accomplishment and really brighten up your personal outdoor oasis.

Spending some time focusing on the details of your home will leave you feeling accomplished and confident in the presentation of your property. These tasks may seem daunting and time consuming but once you are ready to list you will feel eternally grateful for the hours you put in when it seemed less urgent. By focusing on freshening up and organizing your spaces you are setting yourself up for success in a stress free, minimal prep work required listing process!

Do you have questions about how best to get your home ready to list? Please give us a call and we would be happy to host a video meeting and personalized our answers to your specific space and needs!