Summer weather has finally arrived and we are all ready to get out into the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine. The Niagara Region is loaded with outdoor hot spots for hikes, picnics or a day lounging in the sun but with Co-Vid 19 restrictions still in effect, it can be difficult to determine what activities are safe and allowed. We have put together a small list of our favourite ways to spend family time outdoors while obeying all the rules and staying safe.



What better way to spend a day in the sun than a meal together. If you are looking for a spot in the Niagara Region to have a socially distant family picnic we suggest taking a drive along the Niagara Parkway. Not only are the views beautiful but with the many kilometers of greenery, there is no shortage of places to park and set up for an afternoon. If being that close to the water makes you a little uneasy, try Queenston Heights park. Playground equipment remains closed but all open green spaces can be enjoyed. Pack up a cooler with your favourite lunch, grab a Frisbee or a ball, and enjoy some quality family time!

Drive-In Movie Theatre


As of this week the regions Drive-In theatre is now officially open! The experience is a little different but families are still able to hop in the car and enjoy a film in the great outdoors… safe from the bugs. We invite you to check out Can View Drive-In’s webpage for a current movie list and how they have adjusted their operations to keep their staff and customers comfortable and safe.



In many areas North of Toronto camping is now allowed! This summer is the perfect time to dust off the tent you stumbled across while Spring cleaning and pack up the sleeping bags and marshmallows for a family camping adventure! A quick visit to the Ontario Parks website will provide the most up to date information on Campgrounds and Co-Vid 19 restrictions and rules.

If the great outdoors is daunting – take the camping trip to the back yard. All the amenities of your home just a few feet away and you’ll still be making memories to last a lifetime! No matter where you choose to set up your tent, don’t forget your sunscreen and bug spray!

Backyard Water Fun


If the most comfortable place to be is home, then set up a day of water fun! Not every home has a pool but we all need to cool down when temperatures rise above 30 degrees. Stop at your local hardware store and pick up a sprinkler, fill up some water balloons or purchase a small kids pool. Make the best out of the summer and cool down in ways that ignite your inner child.

This summer looks a little different than the ones previous, but we refuse to let that mean it’s not fun and memorable! Share your ideas for safe summer fun in the comments below.