It’s no secret – selling your home in the winter months is not the easiest thing to do. That being said, there are some tips and tricks out there that can help you get your yard looking inviting, your home looking cozy, and your potential buyers looking impressed.


Keep It Safe

Selling your home in the winter means that potential buyers will be trekking up your snowy and icy walkway. Make sure you keep a clear and salted pathway to the front door, to ensure the first impression of your home does not end at a slip, trip or fall.

The interior of your home also needs to be kept safe for your visitors. Allow a clear and clean mat for guests to put their boots on. This way, they don’t trample in the salt and snow onto your nicely polished entranceway. To add an extra touch, you could even provide slippers at the front door for them to use while viewing your home.

It is also important to make sure the inside of your home provides a warm, safe space from the blistering cold. When the buyer arrives, make sure they feel warm and comfortable as soon as they walk through the door.


Keep It Cozy

Staging your home goes a long way when impressing potential buyers. A professional stager will enhance your home’s potential space and essence in order to make it appear as appealing as possible to everyone who walks through your door.

After your stager has added their touch, you can also continue to do some things to make sure your home always looks cozy and attractive. Keep the shades open as often as often as you can. This will allow for the most natural light as possible – this is a big selling feature for buyers.

Next, be sure to keep your holiday decorations to a minimum. If you are going all out, do so tastefully. A simple Christmas tree with white stringed lights and a star is a perfect touch. Try not to clutter the features of the house with tinsel and ribbon.

Enhancing the ambiance by lighting a non-scented candle or the fireplace will invite your visitors to feel cozy and welcome. You can also make your potential buyers feel more comfortable and cozy by ensuring all of your accessories and bedding are tasteful and seasonally appropriate.


Show Off Summer Potential

Unfortunately, the winter months don’t really allow for visitors to capture the true beauty of any outdoor features and appearances. Instead of leaving their thoughts to wonder what it may look like, possibly making them rely on Google maps, provide them with a small book or collection of pictures of your house in the months that really compliment the landscape. This will ensure they are able to get an idea of what the house looks like all year round.


Overall, setting your house up for sale in the winter months does require slightly more work and upkeep to make sure the buyers can get the fullest, most positive experience out of their visit. Making sure it is safe, clean, and staged appropriately for the season is helpful to keep potential buyers comfortable and cozy. Providing them with insight into what to expect of the house year round will also leave the buyer dreaming of the curb appeal of their future home.