Now that the fall is setting in and we are stuck with the chilly weather for the next little while, it’s important to understand the seasonal home issues that come along with it. While the winter and summer seasons tend to have more extreme weather-related problems, the fall can actually come with its own fair share of havoc. Whether you are looking to buy a home or you are already a homeowner, make sure you keep your eyes out for these common fall issues.


Water Damage

We’re still a ways off from the melting snow and ice of the winter. However, the fall is still notorious for causing water damage to the home. Falling leaves can build up in your gutters, causing a blockage to your drain. This can lead to water overflow, which could in turn cause mold, flooding, and other costly problems.


Fire Hazards

Fall doesn’t exactly stay on a strict temperature routine. It could be warm and sunny one minute, but could easily drop down with no warning. This may inspire you to turn on your furnace or heaters without preparing them for the cold weather first. If you don’t properly check your heating devices for issues such as dust buildup, you could be putting yourself at risk for fire.


Holes, Cracks, and Chips

With the changing temperatures, the materials of your home can expand and contract. This can cause issues such as holes or cracks. Firstly, this can damage your home. Secondly, if you don’t fix these before winter sets in, they could cause serious hazards once the ground freezes and the ice starts to pile up.


Bug Invasions

You may think that because summer is over, bugs aren’t a big deal anymore. However, when the warmer weather is gone, some insects may seek refuge from the cold inside your home. The best way to help prevent this from happening is to seal your doors and windows and fill any cracks you find.


Ultimately, the best way to stay safe from seasonal home issues is to be proactive and take precautions. Work with a professional if you aren’t sure what needs to be done on your home. This way, you aren’t taking any risks. Don’t forget, we are always happy to provide recommendations and resources for trusted professionals in the Niagara Region if you are looking for extra assistance.