Make it a Green Christmas: The grass is no longer green but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a “green” Holiday Season! This year we challenge you to keep the environment in mind when finalizing your décor and entertainment plans. We invite you to follow the few simple steps below to lower your households environmental impact this holiday season!


The holidays are such a magical time, with glistening snow, glowing lights and subtle scents of pine and cinnamon around every corner. There’s nothing like an evening drive with a hot chocolate to admire the decorations in your neighbourhood, or decorating your home with loved ones. This year we encourage you to make some environmentally friendly choices as you set up your own light shows. Try using an automatic timer for both interior and exterior lights. Our exterior lights in particular are rarely thought of once we are in for the evening, to ensure you aren’t forgetting to turn them off. Your hydro bill will thank you. When possible replace the loose or broken bulb on an old strand of lights before just throwing them away.


The holiday season always results in more garbage than normal. This year, in an attempt to be eco-friendly, we challenge you to sort out all the gift wrap and left-over décor before tossing it all in one big bag. Many gift wraps can be recycled, gift bags can be reused, tissue paper can be folded and saved and old Christmas cards can be saved to use as gift tags the following year! While these options may require a little more time, it is surely worth it when we are sending less to landfills. Plus, all you’ve saved will come in handy the following year. 


Nothing says Holidays quite like a dinner party! We encourage you to buy only what you need this year. Have a grocery list ready before heading to the store and buy only what you came for! Considering sending your guests home with leftovers or passing them along to a neighbour or friend. Most importantly, use your green bin this Holiday season! Composting is such a simple way to have a positive impact on our environment.

If after all this you’re looking for more ideas visit this linked website! This list is FULL of ideas to make your Christmas as sustainable as possible.