Is condo living calling your name?

Moving from a house to a condo can be a lot of work, but it can often be the right decision. If your children have all moved out and you find yourself with many extra bedrooms, it can start to feel like a lot of unnecessary work or upkeep.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself to help figure out if it’s time to downsize to a condo.

Do You Have Too Much Space?

Sometimes, when adult children leave the home, you start to find yourself with a lot of unnecessary space. Bedrooms become storage rooms for those items you’ve never been able to let go of, but will never use. Downsizing to a condo can help you declutter your life and give you more breathing room to enjoy your life.

Are You Craving More Socializing?

Downsizing to a condo is a great way to make more friends, engage in more regular activities, and have more meaningful conversation on a regular basis. Being isolated in a home can often make it harder to keep more friends, but when everyone is in your building it’s easy to have an enriching lifestyle.

Do Your Errands Feel More Like a Hassle?

Many condos have a variety of amenities located right on site, from gyms to swimming pools and entertaining rooms. If you’re sick of driving back and forth between your daily activities, living in a condo could solve this issue and make your life a lot easier.

Are You Getting Sick of Maintaining Your Property?

It’s nice to have a nice big driveway, but someone still has to shovel that in the winter. If you’ve become sick of maintaining your yard and completing maintenance on a home, consider moving from a house to a condo. It’s time to enjoy your life instead of putting in a lot of exhausting work.

Do You Plan on Travelling More in The Future?

Condo living means being able to lock your door, leave for as long as you want, and not worry about having someone cut your lawn, shovel the driveway, or collect your mail. If you’d like to enjoy more traveling now that you’re an empty nester, downsizing is the perfect solution.

Work with a real estate agent who can make it easier for you to move from a house to a condo. They know the area better than anyone, and have a lot of experience finding the perfect neighbourhood for you to downsize to.