Investing In Real Estate

Our approach to real estate investing isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Yes, we work and help investors flip properties, but our real estate investing passion is helping those that otherwise would never consider investing.

Our clients will often pick up anywhere from 1-5 properties over several years and enjoy the benefits of leveraged gains, huge price appreciation, cash flow and the luxury of the mortgage being paid down by someone other than them.

Property Appreciation

Would you like to learn how some client are:

  • Paying off their mortgage in 10 years?
  • Paying for their children’s education in full?
  • Building additional wealth for retirement?

The power of owning just one investment property

Year Starting Value Growth @ 5% PA* Value Increase Year End Value
1 $500,000 5% $25,000 $525,000
2 $525,000 5% $26,250 $551,250
3 $551,250 5% $27,563 $578,813
4 $578,813 5% $28,941 $607,753
5 $607,753 5% $30,388 $638,141

Potential Increase in Net Work after 5 years

Year Net Worth
5 $189,850
10 $427,662
20 $1,100,038
30 $2,160,971

Want to learn more?

Interested in learning how you could pay off your mortgage with an investment property? Investing in retirement with an income property? The possibilities are endless. Contact The Barry Team today to request more information!