As the weather begins to dip into the chillier months, so does the real estate market. People are less likely to want to leave their warm home to view a property or open house in the colder weather, and let’s face it – no one really wants to move in the winter. However, there are many advantages in choosing a winter selling time – namely, staging a house over the holidays.

Selling your home requires more than just putting your house on the market – you are selling an ideal lifestyle. By properly staging your home for the holiday season, you can promote a cozy, happy, and festive image that most families can envision for themselves.

Here are several helpful staging tips to make your home appealing to future buyers and incorporate the holidays at the same time.


Keep it Simple: Neutral is Best

Perhaps this is the year to keep the life-size nativity scene in storage. Displaying obvious religious alignment through decor is not the best way to attract a wide, open customer base. Keeping your decor simple and neutral will help the average person envision their future life in your home. Instead of the Santa Claus and reindeer display by the fireplace, opt for a few simple snowmen, an evergreen wreath on the door, and/or a bowl of snow-dusted pine cones as a dining room centerpiece.


Seamlessly Integrate Your Decor  

Before thinking of adding holiday decor, your home should already be staged. Arranging furniture, creating space, choosing a colour palette, and decluttering are all important components. When adding a little holiday flair to your home, be sure to match these additions with your pre-existing staging. For example, your hanging snowflakes will look much better against the transparent window, instead of blocking the wooden fireplace.


Create a Holiday Vibe

Cozy is familiar and is a big part of the holiday feel. Potential buyers will be attracted to your home if they can easily imagine themselves living there. Make your home cozy and inviting by turning on the fireplace, lighting a few candles, and offering some homemade treats to your guests.  


Easy on the Outside

Your home’s exterior will be the first thing potential customers will see upon pulling up to your driveway. Therefore, do not opt for a Clark Griswold-inspired lighting display, as this will only act as a distraction. As festive as life-size snowmen on the front lawn are, your intention is to sell your home, not win the best Christmas display in your neighbourhood. As is a common theme, work with simple and tasteful decor that will accentuate the best parts of your home’s exterior. Try wrapping a garland and small white lights around the front porch railing. Pair with a red cranberry wreath on the door and a simple welcome mat, and you have the perfect combination of festive and inviting.

The holidays are busy enough with friends, family, gifts, and festivities. Adding selling your home to this list can be overwhelming, but equally as exciting. Using a professional real estate agent will ensure your home is properly staged with hints of holiday cheer, and give you a real holiday gift to be excited about.