Get Your Back Yard Family Fun Ready!

The snow has melted and the sun is finally peeking through. Temperatures are slowly rising and the outdoors are calling our names. Back Yard season is finally in clear view! Why not get a head start, and have your outdoor spaces ready for dining, playing and relaxation!

Create Yourself an Oasis

A well-manicured backyard can feel like your own personal staycation! Adding a variety of plants and colours can turn your space from a plot of land to an extension of your living space. When choosing your plants remember to consider maintenance. Don’t create more work for yourself! Try sticking to ornamental grasses or add a pop of colour with some geraniums, licorice mint or lion’s tail!

Outdoor Dining Spaces

What better way to spend quality family time outside than to dine together! Design a dining area that is both accessible and inviting. Keep your outdoor dining table close to the doors of the house. Being able to pop in and out of the house quick is not only convenient but allows you to still be a part of the group when hosting the family’s annual summer BBQ. Bringing out your food, running in for another drink and cleaning up will all be easier when you can pop in and out of your home.

Keep your sight line clear

If you have children or a pool you know the importance of being able to visually scan your yard at any time. When setting up your new swing set, hanging the hammock or setting out the lounge chairs by the pool, remember to take a quick moment and check your visibility. Make sure you can see to the back of your yard from your favourite lounging spot, after all it is your summer too

The summer months are meant to be enjoyed! Get a head start by setting up your outdoor spaces early. You will thank yourself, when you don’t have to think twice as you send the kids outside to play or light up the BBQ for the first time this year!